El Zoco – Jerez De La Frontera

Jerez is an internationally known city for its Sherry Wine and Flamenco scene. There are so many bodegas sometimes I forget that outside of wine tours and flamenco shows Jerez has a blossoming restaurant and artist scene. Recently my friend Melissa took me to Jerez to show me something she said I would love and she was right, I adored it.

Small tile that was painted on by David Brenes

Place: Zoco de Artesania De Jerez

Location: Plaza Peones, Jerez de la Frontera

Schedule: M-F, 10:00am-2pm and 5:30-8:30pm. Saturday, 10:30-2pm.

The Zoco features artists from around the area and the mediums range from photography, jewelry, oil on canvas, acrylic on wood to pottery and DIY art that kids can join in on too! In addition there are two fantastic artists featured until mid-March.  Since the stalls rotate with artists it could be hit or miss so check out the web site before you go:http://www.zocodeartesaniadejerez.com, this also has a little map to the location.


Dance of Light by local photographer Álvaro Marín. These photos are phenomenal on the second floor of the Zoco. They capture the passion and movement that is Flamenco in black and white.

The school of theatre, “El Jinete Verde” is recreating the following for 7-10 euros: The storm of summer, February 27 and 28  and Hamlet March 13 both at 9:30pm. If you go early you will see some fantastic nude paintings that are displayed in the entrance of “el Jinete Verde,” once of which, was selected to be the advertisement for all of Zoco.

The Gallery of Retamero Sanchez (second floor) The art located in this venue is from various artists, of the same family. Retamero Sanchez works in oil and has a classic Spanish style, doing many still life portraits of wine, people and landscapes. His daughter, however, has a more abstract and modern taste in her creation. Together they depict the changing modernism that is occurring in Souther Spain along with the vast difference of ideals between their generations.

The Gallery of David Brenes (second floor) David draws, paints and illustrates his own work. The only art that I have ever seen that reminds me of his is Gustav Klimt’s, “the kiss,” which is world renowned. I was surprised to know that David has not yet been selected to create the poster for the famous, Feria de Jerez, I believe he would be a likely candidate in the upcoming years. His art work that doesn’t contain matadors and bulls would go great in children’s rooms but also in someone’s creative study. I purchased a piece that had a lot of negative space because it allowed me to focus on the detail at hand. You can watch David create his pieces right in front of your eyes and he is more than capable to be commissioned or given a photograph to replicate.

The nooks and crannies: All over the Zoco there are small murals on random walls that have a piece of very modern sculpture sitting in from of them, it creates quite an artsy juxtaposition.


El Alboronia is a creative fusion of mediterranean and andaluz cuisine tucked within the Zoco. It could possibly take home the best restaurant in Jerez award, in my personal opinion. The plate presentation and design is incredible and unique. If you go to the Zoco and don’t eat here, you are a fool. It is also kid friendly. Warning: closed on Mondays

alboronia-bar-tapas-2   alboronia-bar-tapas


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